Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blessing of the Children

Parker and Lily's preschool has Blessing of the Children once a year.
The children learn songs and come to Sunday church service and sing on stage with their class.
Lily had only been in school for a week and didn't really know all of the songs.
And she was a bit timid onstage...
Parker had been in school for two weeks and was the complete
opposite of Lily...
He was so animated!
Our dear friends have children at the same preschool.
It looks like Jill and I planned our outfits accordingly...

And it appeared our husbands did as well...
How funny!

We attempted a family picture as well...
We're just happy to all be in the same frame, with Lily keeping her dress down! LOL
And that look Parker is giving?
It's his "cool" look.
That's what he tells me anyhow!

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MegnHarry said...

Parker cracks me up!!! That kid is hilarious!!


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