Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, these days, my free time is hard to come by.
I am taking another class this semester for my teaching certification.
I am homeschooling the kids.
I am trying to maintain a house and bills.
I am trying to keep up with my workouts.

And in my "spare time," I am trying to remember that this little princess is adorable,
despite her ability to exhaust me with her 2 year old ways!
She is spunky, determined, and set in her beliefs.
As an adult, these characteristics could be amazing for her!
As a child, these characteristics exasperate me!

And...I really think she believes that she is the other mommy around here.
She tells me everything the boys are doing.
She tells them to go to timeout, along with our dog. She's really quite bossy! :)

So, I love how independent she is and I need to remember that I will be happy for this independence when she is older.
I will be happy if she is set in her good belief system when she is a teenager.
I will be happy if she is determined when it comes to education and career.

For now, I will toast to her with some wine to get me through these years!

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