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Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Do You Want To Be?

I asked the boys what they wanted to be when they were older.
Their responses change anytime I ask.

This time, Parker said "I am going to be a football player and play on the {Minnesota} Vikings."
Jackson said: "I want to be a tennis player."

Parker: "Maybe I will play baseball too."
Jackson: "I am going to be a baseball player, like Daddy. But I am going to hit."

If I had to guess, at this point in their lives, here is what I think each of them will be:

1. Jackson- my serious, studious child; I see him being an attorney or an accountant.
I would say doctor, but the kid freaks out when he sees blood.

2. Parker-my crazy, wild, free child; I see him being a comedian in a nudist colony. {LOL}
There is some seriousness to that thought since he is hilarious and likes to be naked.
However, I could see him being a pilot or an architect.
He likes to build and likes to know why everything does what it does.

3. Lily-my bossy, giggly, fashionista-child; I see her being a teacher or fashion designer.
She likes to tell people what to do so I am pretty certain she will be in charge,
wherever she ends up!

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