Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homerun Derby

This was a very fun event at the AAA All Star Games!

We took the All Star Bus to the event and the kids LOVED this!
{Probably because there were no seat belts, but whatever, it was fun.}
Jackson and Grandma Peggy:

The boys were able to throw souvenirs into the stands for the fans.
And dance with some baseball and basketball mascots.
Those pictures did not come out so well but I am sure these will be memories we hang onto!

And hanging with Willie:

Funny Story:
Parker decides he wants to come sit up with Grandma Peggy, Lily, and me in the stands, rather than stay on the field.
I come get him and say "I am surprised you want to sit with us Parker. It's so special that you get to be on the field."
We get up to our seats and Parker puts his head in his hands and bawls. Sobbing and all.
I ask "What is wrong?"
Parker says "I didn't realize it was so special." {Yes, he really said realize.}
I text Willie and he lets me bring Parker back down to the field.
Just another example of how my kids are in this baseball bubble and don't realize how exciting some of these things are because they are simply their life!

And our family picture...or an attempt at one:


MegnHarry said...

Looks Like the kids are having a blast! Love your beautiful family pic!

This Daddy said...

You guys always look like you have so so so much fun. Do you all ever have bad moments. I mean, I never see you writing about bad stuff. And what is up with the homeschooling deal. Did you get the email stuff with the link I sent?


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