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Family of Eyres
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Place

We are living in a small apartment this year.
Since the kids and I are only out for 3 months, it seemed foolish to get something large.
And the cost of living in California is a bit higher than we are used to.
So, we have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. So far, it is working out great!
I can clean up the place in less than 30 minutes and I always know where the kids are.
Consequently, the kids always know where I am as well, so that leaves very little "silent" time for this mama!
Since Willie was in charge of finding us our apartment, he also had to rent furniture.
He decided to have the boys on air mattresses, rather than rent them beds.
Personally, I would have rented them beds.
But Willie is more thrifty, and really the boys have no complaints about their beds.
I think I need to remember that they are little and this kind of stuff is fun for them.
Lily sleeps in our large walk-in closet!
Before you gasp, just know, every one of our children has slept in our closet during baseball season. When they are little and in pack and plays, the pack and play fits in there with lots of room. And since all she does is sleep in there, it works out perfectly!
The difference this year is that Lily stays in her pack and play at the age of 2.5. The boys were in beds by now since they were climbing out and she is content to sleep in there.
She also can talk. So, she says "I want to go sleep in my closet." Lol!!

Our place is perfect for us for the summer!
We are close to the baseball field, the airport,the gym, and Target. {Priorities!}
We are next to a playground and a grocery store.
And other baseball families live here, which really is key!
Willie can get a ride home or to the field in case the kids are sick or sleeping.

Willie did a great job of finding us a place! I am usually in charge of finding our place and it took a great deal of stress off of me not to worry about it at all!

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