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Family of Eyres
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Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a beautiful weekend withfamily and festivities, including egg hunts, swimming, adventuring, and lots of laughs!

The kids were so excited to see that the Easter bunny came and left them some clues to find their baskets. {This is a tradition that my mom has done for us throughout the years...even college. She may STILL do it for Danny, as he is the favorite. LOL}
And they were so good for church,
where we had standing room only in the waiting area of the church.

We missed Willie during this holiday...
the first time we have been apart for Easter in a long time.

I need to mention that I have been really working with the kids
on the TRUE meaning of Easter.
It is tough to explain to them about Jesus dying on the cross and the resurrection,
without it going too far over their heads.
So far, I think we hit the right level of explanation on how much we are LOVED!

However, I think, at the age of 6, the Easter Bunny is still high on Jackson's list for Easter.
As I explained to the kids that Jesus loves us so much that he was willing to die for our sins, Jackson looked at me with that look; that look of question.
I said: "That is the REAL reason we celebrate Easter."
He said: "SO, does the Easter Bunny know that?"

We'll keep working on that!

1 comment:

Samantha B said...

Love it the Easter basket idea! Kuddos on teaching the kids about the real meaning of Easter!


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