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Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lily Starts Preschool?

Yes, it is true.

My little girl goes to preschool now.
{Her blanket for naptime}

It is great for her, as she likes the interaction and learning.

She has been begging us to go to school for months now.

We decided to start her this month since Willie leaves for spring training
and I will need the extra break.
But, I am so torn. I want her to stay home with me forever.
And, I know she wants to go to school.

So, she goes to the same school as Parker does (and Jackson did.)
And she has the same teacher as Parker did last year.
So, we are completely comfortable with the set-up.
I plan to use the extra time to sew for my etsy shop and run...
and figure out how my baby has grown up so quickly.


Kevin and Katherine said...

Oh my goodness...she keeps getting cuter and more cute :) I love her blanket. She is so lucky you make her all those gifts with love!

Bethany said...

I can NOT believe that Lily is in school!! That is absolutely crazy to me!! Funny how we desperately want them to stay small and they desperately want to spread their wings...

Thinking of you mama!!

meagen said...

Do YOU do her name on everything?? Or do you have it done?

~Rachel said...

Meagen-I embroider her name with my embroidery machine. I wonder how long she'll let me put her name on her clothes and backpacks?


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