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Family of Eyres
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Monday, December 13, 2010


Today, my baby turns 6 years old!
There are times that I feel that time has dragged on
and other times, when I can't believe how it has flown by.

Today, I sit back and think of how different life was when Jackson was born.
I remember having him at the hospital and not knowing what to do.
I remember coming home with him and Willie and I laid him on the bed.
Then, we looked at each other, scared to death.
And, we cried.
Then, we prayed to God that we would be able to be good parents and raise this baby right.

6 years later and we have done a pretty good job!

We had his birthday celebration this past weekend.
He invited 12 kids over for a Toy Story Celebration...

and cake...

and bouncing...

Then, we all calmed down and watched Toy Story 3 and munched on popcorn.

The kids had a blast and I think we are all still recovering!

Today, we plan to surprise Jackson at school with a special lunch.
Willie, Parker, Lily, and I will all go to his school and eat with him!
He is bringing doughnuts for his treat with his class.
And, for dinner, I am making kielbasa with pasta.
{The kid LOVES pasta and kielbasa!}

My Dearest Jackson,
At the old age of 6, you...
*LOVE school and your friends.
*LOVE playing, tee-ball, tennis, and most recently, running.
*LOVE joking around.
*really love your brother and sister. You are the best big brother to them.
*like fishing with daddy.
*like coloring and riding your bike.
*like to read and we can't get over how good you are!
*like to help out around the house. You like to have a job you have to complete.
*like your Nintendo DS, and any games with Mario in them.

We love you Sweet Jackson and hope your day is as amazing as you are!
We love you so very much!

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