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Family of Eyres
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lily Jane

Two years ago this morning, our world was forever changed when Lily Jane was born.
{Nov.7, 2008}
A girl adds such a different dynamic to our family, and helps to give me someone on my side. LOL

Dearest Lily,

You are 2!! You are so independent and insist on doing everything yourself.
"I do it."

You repeat everything we say, which is why you currently call me Rachel.
We're working on this one!
You Love Jackson and Car-ker, as you call him.
And you adore your daddy to pieces!
I am sure you have him wrapped around your finger!
{1 year birthday}
You LOVE shoes! Anyone's shoes are fair game once they come into our house.
You love dresses! You love to get dressed up and show us what you are wearing.

You love your baby dolls! You insist on putting one of your diapers on baby.
You put baby in time out and tell her "No hitting," which makes us giggle.

You are wanting to be in a big girl seat instead of a high chair. You want to walk instead of go in the stroller. You want to get dressed yourself. You want to walk without holding hands.
{2 years old!}
You want to be a big girl. Please slow down my little one!
We love you and your desires to be independent!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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