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Family of Eyres
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Past Offseasons

This off-season is shaping up to be different than the rest.

2002-2003:Our first offseason as a couple.
Willie went to Arizona Fall League for 6 weeks.
I was teaching High School English {Yes, it was not fun.}
We got engaged!!

2003-2004: Our first offseason as an engaged couple, planning our wedding.
We went to Venezuela for a month for winter ball.
We got married!

2004-2005: Our first offseason as a married couple.
We are expecting our first child.
Willie goes to Venezuela for 2 months for winter ball.
I stay home since I am knocked up.
We move into the first duplex.

2005-2006: Our first offseason with a child!
We go to Venezuela for winter ball for 2 months.
2006-2007: We are expecting child #2
We move into our first home, the townhome.

2007-2008: We go on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, without kiddos!
Willie is rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery.
Shortened off season, as we leave for AZ to rehab in January.

2008-2009: Off-season is spent in AZ rehabbing, we come home for 4 weeks.
We have child #3.
2009-2010: We move into our current home {and hopefully, our forever home.}
Willie leaves for spring training and the kids and I stay back.

*We won't be moving this off season.
*We won't be going to winter ball.
*We won't be rehabbing.
*We won't be birthing any children.
Life is glorious!
We will spend this off season:
*Decorating our home.
*Fishing and riding bikes.
*Going to Tee-ball and soccer games of our boys.
*Going on a family vacation to Michigan.
*Having loads of family time.

We are so lucky!

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The Lutz Family said...

I feel like we are similar to yours! Hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is coming for us in a couple off season :) Enjoy it!!!


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