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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parker Parker Parker

I am certain I have said it many times...but it is a good thing he is cute.

We are done with day one of our trip home to FL. It was a long day, which means tomorrow will be even longer I suppose.

So, about an hour into our ride, we all have to go potty.
And I decided to fill up with gas, just to save us another trip later.

I bring Jackson and Parker into the boys' bathroom in the gas station.
I figure it is safe, as it is one bathroom with a door to be locked.

I take Lily into the girls' room.
When I come out of the girls room, I see that the boys obviously did not lock the door.
Parker walks out completely naked.
Into the store.
Not even shoes.
And not concerned about it at all.

I am embarrassed, but have to get over it while I follow the trail of clothing back to
the mens' room.

Really, looking back now, I am mortified. I have no idea what goes through that head of his.

Then, we make a stop for the nutritious travel food.
I get the boys both happy meals, but Jackson falls asleep before he can eat.
When he wakes up, I tell him that his meal is next to his seat.
He asks: "Why didn't I get fries?"
I say: "You do. Look in there."
Parker says:" No, I ate his fries too."
I tell Parker that I am disappointed in his choice.
Parker says:"But mom, I was just making sure he didn't eat too much food."

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

More on our trip later. I am going to bring the kids to the pool. Or lay here in exhaustion.
Haven't decided yet.


The Lutz Family said...

OMG!!! Laughing SO hard!!! I had to go read it to my husband. Thanks for a good laugh :) Sorry it's at your expense. I can't imagine how exhausted you are.

Amanda said...

Hilarious! I'm not sure which story is more funny but I am sure that Parker is a mess! Love it!

Amanda said...

that is so funny - I laughed out loud


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