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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hmmmmmmm! (Bachelorette)

I just finished watching The Bachelorette on the computer.
{We were out to a movie with the kids and I didn't get to see it on TV}

Poor Kirk...he seems like a nice guy.
I hate that he had to go when Frank someone who is a liar can stay.

I still want Chris to win.
I just like who he is and how much his family means to him.

I like Roberto and I really see their connection, but he is not my type.
So, he wouldn't be my first choice.

And frankly, Frank is not being so frank with Ali.
I am wanting to see next week's episode to see how all of this unfolds.
I wonder if she brings back another guy?
And if she does, would it be Kirk because he was sent off last?
Or is it someone else?

Stay tuned to see the MANY reasons why I would rather have an arranged marriage than be on this show, looking for love.

1 comment:

This Daddy said...

I missed Mondays show and Tracy gave me a little bit of a briefing on the show but not enough to do my normal Tuesday morning bashing of the loooo-sers. Oh well. I think that next week will be Frank-Bashing time for sure, maybe he will wear his cool v neck t-shirts from Hanes, with his Tom Selleck chest hair poofing out.


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